Have you ever wondered how giant Tech companies maintain their data? Such companies produce tons of data every week, which must be stored. Now one way could be to buy hundreds of storage devices(basically hardware) and store the data within them. But that would cost the company, a lot. I mean “A LOT!!”.

Now you might be thinking “ what other ways are present to store the data?”. So reader’s, sit tight as we move on a journey to understand ‘How data is stored in the PRESENT World?’.

I shall start by introducing the term “big data”. Big- data would be a collection of large chunks of data. Technically, it would be called large volumes of structured and unstructured data. Let’s briefly describe each of these terms and we shall elaborately discuss as we move further. …

Have you ever heard of IoT devices and embedded systems? Do you know what they do? Why do we need those? For a person, who is new to this topic, must surely be having tons of questions regarding this. So people, sit back and read this article, while we embark on a journey of wonders and Technology.

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IoT Technology

Now we do know that the Internet of things (IoT) is related to ‘things’. To understand the application of IoT in ‘things’, we shall discuss about a thing. Let’s consider a basic refrigerator. A refrigerator, as we know keeps food and other items cold. Now say, I add some ‘intelligence’ to the refrigerator. Now this ‘intelligent refrigerator’ can perform some more operations along with its primary functions. …

Many try to define AI as the process which enables a machine to think. Now, that’s quite a turn! How can a machine think? Does it have a brain? Then what enables the machine to think!

Well to understand this, we might have to go through a whole world of examples. Feel free to quit or stick around to understand the world of AI.

To understand a brief function of AI let us explore an example of email filters. Many of us have mail accounts. The mails are segregated under various categories like ‘Primary’, ‘Social’, ‘Promotions’ etc. Well, surely this task is not done by a human. …


Shashank Hara Sridhar

Student at SASTRA Deemed to be University.

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